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We’ve seen some amazing results with the non-surgical face life CACI at Revive over the years and once they’ve tried it,  most of our customers stick with it as they know it works!

But have you heard about the latest treatment from CACI – the Eye Revive? As the eyes are often the first place where we start to get fine lines and show the signs of ageing, poor diet and lifestyle and tiredness, this new treatment proving very popular at only £35 time.

The new Eye Revive not only uses the famous CACI microcurrent technique but combines it with a unique specially formulated and patented serum.

We will start by carrying out the non surgical eye lifting procedure using CACI instant firming buds with the microcurrent. We will then use the CACI rollerballs infused with Eye Revive serum to soothe tired eyes and reduce puffiness. The Eye Revive serum contains REGU®-AGE and other clinically proven ingredients to reduce puffiness by up to 31%* and dark circles up to 35%* Finally, we will apply the Hydro Eye mask, containing hyaluronic acid and cucumber to rehydrate and reduce puffiness, leaving the eyes feeling beautifully refreshed.

We recommend a course of at least six to eight treatments for the best results. Or buy a course of ten and get ten per cent off!

*Based on using REGU®-AGE twice daily for 8 weeks.