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Polish only £14 – with Phenom £16

Re-Shape and Polish Manicure £16 – with Phenom £18

Nails are filed and shaped and polish applied. Please note no cuticle work so recommended for clients who have regular manicures.

Mini-Manicure £21 – with Phenom £23

Compromise on time, but not quality with this manicure for clients with busy lifestyles. Includes analysis of nails, cuticle conditioning and then finishes with the perfect shape and polish. Done and dusted!

Prescriptive Manicure £23 – with Phenom £25

Includes cuticle conditioning and hand massage. The nail shape is perfected and finally finished with a base coat and colour.

Prescriptive Deluxe Manicure with Thermal Mittens £29 – with Phenom £31

A luxury treatment which leaves hands softer, smoother and more attractive. With the luxurious benefit of thermal mittens, oils and creams penetrate deeper, softening the cuticles and improving circulation and soothing stiff joints. Finally a file and polish to leave your hands and nails in perfect condition. The ultimate in hand and nail care.


Re-Shape and Polish Pedicure £16 – with Phenom £18

Nails are filed and shaped and polish is applied. Please note no cuticle work, therefore recommended for clients who have regular pedicures.

Mini-Pedicure £23 – with Phenom £25

The mini-pedicure is designed for clients with busy lifestyles. This treatment includes cuticle work, filing and application of polish. Perfect for maintenance.

ZenSpa Pedicure £33 – with Phenom £35

Using our ZenSpa Revitalising Citrus footbath, hard skin is removed and feet and legs are massaged with deep conditioning creams for a softer, smoother finish. Cuticles are groomed and toenails shaped and perfectly polished.

ZenSpa Deluxe Pedicure with Thermal Booties £38 – with Phenom £40

A luxury foot and leg treatment for softer, smoother feet. The use of Thermal Booties allows for a deeper penetration of the oils and creams, softening cuticles and improving circulation as well as soothing stiff joints, finishing off with perfectly pedicured and polished toenails.






Dries quickly in natural light*

Gel-like shine lasts up to 10 days

Removes easily like polish

Protects Nails

24 Vivid shades


Jessica GELeration’s gel formula delivers a long lasting, flawless finish that dries within seconds using our LED/UV lamps. It also protects the condition of the natural nail. GELeration is a long-lasting, hard-wearing gel/polish.

GELeration Gel Mini Manicure £25
The mini-manicure for busy clients but with long-lasting results. Treatment includes cuticle tidy, then the perfect shape and polish using Jessica’s long lasting GELeration polishes.

GELeration Manicure £28
Massage, cuticle care, nail shape and polish with Jessica’s long lasting GELeration polishes.

GELeration soak off £6

GELeration Mini Pedicure £25
The mini-pedicure designed for busy lifestyles, but with long-lasting results. This treatment includes Cuticle work, filing and application of Jessica GELeration polish

GELeration Pedicure £40
A foot and leg treatment for the most effective removal of hard skin. Feet and legs are massaged with deep conditioning creams for a softer, smoother finish. Cuticles are groomed, toenails are perfectly shaped and Jessica GELeration long lasting polish is applied.


Bio Sculpture Gel is a nail treatment applied as a coating to your own nails to strengthen and condition them with no damage. With no fumes, no odours and almost no buffing dust, you’ll enjoy seeing your nails transformed to their full potential, long lasting and chip proof. Bio Sculpture treated nails keep well manicured long after application.

Choose from over 60 beautiful colours, clear or French nails.

Bio Sculpture Gel Overlay £30

Soak off and Overlay £30

Gel Toes £30

Soak off only £6


Gelish is a long-lasting, hard-wearing gel/polish hybrid applied like polish, but cured under a special LED nail lamp. Nails are dried in just thirty seconds. Gelish does not chip or wear like normal polish and will maintain a perfectly polished look.

Gelish Nails £25

Gelish French £27

Soak off £6

Vinylux £17

The sister product to Shellac VINYLUX is a breakthrough polish that endures a week of fashion perfection…without a base coat! Exposure to natural light secures the patent-pending ProLight technology, creating an enduring, long-lasting polish. While ordinary polishes become brittle and deteriorate over time. Vinylux dries naturally to a flawless finish and strengthens its resistance to chips over time.


Using Creative’s award winning liquid and powder acrylic system we create wearable, durable, beautiful nail enhancements in classic French White tips or natural looking clear tips.

Full Set of Acrylic Nails £44

Rebalance £24

Tip Repair £5


With over 100 different designs to choose from, Minx offers a unique and eye-catching look to your nails. Minx unlike traditional nail polish is made of flexible film and is applied and removed using heat and pressure.

Minx Hands £26

Minx Feet £26


Men’s Hand and Nail treatment £23

This intense treatment is not only relaxing, but is designed to give you perfect well-groomed and conditioned hands. The nails are perfectly shaped, cuticles conditioned and gently pushed back. A hand and lower arm massage to help condition the skin to finish.

Men’s Foot and Nail Treatment £28

A luxurious foot treatment preventing a build up of hard skin and achieving well-groomed and conditioned feet. Toenails are shaped, cuticles conditioned and gently pushed back and hard skin is removed. The foot and lower leg are gently massaged with creams to nourish the skin.

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